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Have you noticed wrinkles and fine lines popping up across your face? Are you tired of cosmetic activities like waxing, shaving, or plucking? Ronald W. Householder, DDS, PLLC in Tazewell, Virginia proudly offers noninvasive skin rejuvenation with TempSure® Envi and laser hair removal with the Vectus® Laser, both by Cynosure®. Book your aesthetic consultation today by calling or clicking the online scheduling tool.

Aesthetics Q & A

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What is TempSure Envi?

TempSure Envi is a noninvasive, FDA-approved skin rejuvenation treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to encourage the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins responsible for keeping your skin firm, healthy, and supple. 

TempSure Envi treatment is safe for almost anywhere on the body and can address a variety of skin imperfections, including wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and even cellulite. 

Who is a good candidate for TempSure Envi treatment?

Anyone who’s unhappy with the appearance of their skin can benefit from TempSure Envi skin rejuvenation. Clinical studies show that TempSure is safe for all complexions and skin types. In addition, 99% of patients report that treatment is pain-free.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

The number of TempSure treatments you need depends on your individual health history and goals for treatment. Dr. Householder typically recommends a series of multiple sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

What is the Vectus Laser?

The Vectus Laser is an FDA-approved treatment device that uses diode laser technology to eradicate unwanted body hair at its source, the follicle. A series of treatments with the Vectus Laser can minimize the need for shaving and plucking, while eliminating common problems like razor burn and ingrown hairs.

What areas of the body can the Vectus Laser treat?

The Vectus Laser is safe for use almost anywhere on your body. Dr. Householder regularly works with men and women to eliminate unwanted body hair on the:

  • Back
  • Face
  • Chest
  • Underarms
  • Legs

The Vectus Laser is also safe for use on the bikini area.

How does the Vectus Laser work?

Prior to Vectus treatment, you’re asked to put on a pair of safety glasses that protect you from the laser light. Dr. Householder then hovers a hand-held device over the areas of skin you want treated. The device emits powerful laser light energy that penetrates your skin, heating up your hair follicles, and damaging them. After a series of treatment sessions, your hair grows back much lighter and thinner.

Thanks to cutting-edge treatments like TempSure Envi and Vectus Laser, feeling confident and looking your best no longer require complicated cosmetic surgeries or extended recovery times. Request your consultation at Ronald W. Householder, DDS, PLLC today. Call or use the online booking tool.

Heat Treat
Your Stubborn Body Fat


You work out. You eat your fruits and veggies. But there’s always a few troublesome areas all of us can never quite change. SculpSure treatments help bring out the hard work you put in every day, so you can feel your best. The non-invasive, light-based technology targets and destroys treated fat cells. For good. Just natural-looking and long-lasting results. No surgery. No downtime. Check out the areas we treat. You can schedule a consult with us at anytime.

  • Under the chin with SculpSure submental treatments
  • Belly
  • Love handles
  • Back
  • Inner and outer thighs




This the body boost treatment that helps you achieve a more youthful appearance.  Designed to curve and conform to your body and specifically target even the hardest- to-treat areas.

With Flex-heating deep tissue technology, FlexSure effectively targets hard-to-treat places, including underarms, inner and outer thighs, the abdomen and buttocks.

Each 15-minute treatment delivers a light warming sensation that’s both gentle and soothing. Comfortable and convenient, this relaxing treatment requires zero downtime.